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Below are the answers to some common questions... if you can't find an answer to your question please email us from the contact page!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long do you play for?
  2. What happens in the breaks?
  3. How much space do you need?
  4. Do you need changing facilities?
  5. Do I need to arrange refreshments/meals for the band?
  6. How much time do you need to set up your equipment?
  7. Can you learn our first dance?
  8. Can you perform in a marquee?
  9. The venue has a sound-limiter is that a problem?
  10. How far will you travel?
  11. How do I book the band?
  12. What are your payment terms?

How long do you play for?

  • For a 'typical' function we would play for approximately two hours. Normally this will be divided into two one hour sets separated by a short interval. Additional performance time can be agreed if necessary.
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What happens in the breaks ?

  • To ensure that the music flows continuously throughout your event we supply pre-recorded music that we can play during our breaks - the choice of which depends on your requirements and the format of the function.choice ranges from light instrumental background to a continuous dance compilation, which together with our lighting system is sufficient to produce a 'mini disco'.We can also provide a DJ as part of a cost effective package and we strongly suggest this as an option if your budget will stretch. A DJ brings the additional benefit over a CD that he can accept requests and interact with the audience to keep the dance floor full whilst the band is offstage.
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How much space do you need?

  • We need a minimum stage area of 16'x 8'. Empty, this may appear to be a lot of space, but add five people, a eight piece drum kit, two keyboards, complete PA system, lighting and amplification and it soon becomes very crowded! We can work in odd shaped areas e.g. L shapes, large bay windows etc. If the venue you are considering falls into this category or it appears that there may be insufficient space please contact us so that we can discuss the options available.In the past we have always managed to fit into the space available, but have found that if it's below the size given above our performance is likely to be compromised and when space is severely limited we have to exclude certain pieces of equipment such as our lighting which has an obvious impact on the 'show'.
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Do you need changing facilities?

  • Yes please...We need a secure room in which to change and to leave our personal possessions. Ideally a hotel bedroom (with bathroom facilities, mirrors etc,) or similar. Please note that it is not acceptable to expect the band to change in the toilet!
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Do I need to arrange refreshments/meals for the band?

  • Please consider that we usually leave home mid morning and do not return until the early hours of the morning and that unlike a 'normal' working day, it is often difficult, if not impossible to leave the venue during the course of a function to purchase refreshments. Consequently, for functions where we are required to either be set up by, or begin playing before 7:30pm or finish after midnight we request that light meals (e.g. a main course (preferred) or a minimum of two rounds of sandwiches per band member plus coffee are arranged for a suitable point in the evening. However, we do not expect our clients to have to pay the same rate to feed the band as they do to feed their guests. Most venue managers or caterers will allow the band to join the buffet line after the guests have finished or provide suitable meals for a reduced price e.g. by using staff facilities. If a caterer or venue insists on charging the full fee to feed the band then other arrangements can be made – this is not a major issue!
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How much time do you need to set up your equipment?

  • We prefer to have access to the area where we are due to perform for the two hours prior to the agreed start time. If you feel this may present an issue, please contact us so that we can discuss the options.
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Can you learn our first dance?

  • Your first dance is a very important part of your evening reception and something you'll remember forever. If you want to use a CD track we will happily play this for you through our sound system. Alternatively if you would like us to learn something escpecially, we'll be happy to do this, providing that you give us at least 12 weeks notice.
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Can you perform in a marquee?

  • We are more than happy to perform in a marquee but due to the variable nature of this type of environment there are certain requirements that need to be met to ensure the stability and safety of our equipment and consequently the wellbeing of the audience and band. These are: a). The marquee should provide complete storm cover. b).The area where we are perform must have a hard surface area measuring at least 16'x 8'.Ideally this surface should also be level and raised e.g. portable staging. c).The electricity supply voltage should be 230 to 250 Volts AC stabilised and supplied via a minimum of two 13 Amp sockets, ideally surge protected. Please consider that long cable runs (over 30m) from nearby buildings can suffer from voltage drops which in turn can cause frequent disruptions to our performance. The situation can be made a lot worse by additional electrical equipment connected to the same circuit e.g. refrigeration, beer coolers, heating and cooking equipment. Ideally, the marquee should have its' own localised dedicated electricity supply which may have to be supplied by a generator.
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The venue has a sound-limiter is that a problem?

  • A 'sound limiter' is an electronic device which cuts the power to our equipment if the sound level in the room exceeds a pre-set level. All well meaning but unfortunately many sound limiters are either incorrectly installed or set ridiculously low which has a devastating effect on the atmosphere and our performance. It's very important to ensure that if a sound limiter is installed at your chosen venue it will not interfere with the performance of a live band playing at a volume level that you would find acceptable. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the implications of sound limiters further. Be aware that JacuzziSoup will not plug into any 'sound limited' power socket. If the power to the band's equipment is lost during a performance forcing it to be switched back on in an uncontrolled manner, our equipment can be severely damaged. We will of course monitor our sound and try to ensure that the level does not exceed the desired volume. Please be very careful when booking! Once the venue management has taken your money you will not get a refund because your evening entertainment was ruined by the sound limiter!
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How far do you travel?

  • The band are willing to travel pretty much anywhere in Europe although any additional expenses such as meals, hotels, flights etc. would need to be agreed.

    Normally any performance exceeding a distance of 50 miles from NG334DS will incur an additional travel charge...This will be discussed in detail at the time of the booking.
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How do I book the band?

  • Either call, text or e-mail us with the details of your function (date, location, start and finish times). We will then reply confirming our availability and pricing. Once you are happy to proceed with the booking we will send you a contract for you to sign and return (usually a 20% deposit is required at this stage).
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What are your payment terms?

  • A 20% deposit is required to secure your booking which can either be paid by cheque when you return our contract or by credit transfer(please contact us for account details).

    The balance can be paid in cash directly to the band at the function, in advance by cheque(to arrive no less than fourteen days before the function) or by credit transfer (no less than five working days before the function).

    We can provide invoices and receipts as required.
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